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  • Window stickers are designed to be applied to the inside of a window to highlight a sales message, attract attention or otherwise deliver information. They are widely used in the retail environment, particularly grocery / supermarkets and fashion / clothing, and by car dealerships, but have applications across all sectors of business.
  • Stickers and Decals That Can Only Be Used On Window Glass:perforated, one way vinyl decal for car windows

    Perforated Vinyl – Also called one way vinyl or perforated graphic film this material can be printed with full color graphics on one side while people can see through the image from the other side. Examples of this type of decal may be seen on fleet graphics, back windows of trucks or storefront windows.
    Clear Static – Clear static stickers and decals for cars can only go on the inside of the glass or they will fly off on the road. As the printing is done on the non-static side of the decal with a reversed printed image we usually don’t recommend clear static for car window stickers as it limits visibility and where they can be applied.
    Clear Polyester with adhesive on the front – Clear printed materials also come with varying degrees of adhesive strength from ultra removable to permanent. Again, we don’t recommend clear decals with adhesive (or static) on the face due to their limitations. It should also be noted that any clear sticker material going on car windows will need a print layer of white ink to cut down on transparency of image and make graphics more visible and vibrant.
    Double Sided Decal – These are used on store windows and doors to offer a message or graphic (the same or different) to people approaching it from either side of the glass. Due to the multi-levels of printing needed these can be costly and it is often more economical to consider printing separate stickers for both sides of glass.


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